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We can provide special order made ISO (TANGO) power transformer which use for 117V, 220V, 230V,240.You dont need to use step down transformer as using my amplifier

From now we can provide amplifier with wooden chassis based on order of customer. Please contact for more detail !!!

You want to buy item in Japan but there is very few seller in Japan send item over broad. Also most of them can not communicate with you in English too. There are many bad seller and you will always have the risk that buying item that have bad quality or loose your money to buy a fake item.

I will be the one who help you buy items that you want.

...So what is different between us and another buying agent in Japan ?

1. Reasonable fee : We dont fix the fee, based on the value of item you buy, the fee will be from 10%~18% of item value. We are doing business in the most flexible ways to save your cost as much as possible.

2. We do professional packing for your items: Almost seller in Japan does not pack item carefully because in Japan the servcie of transportation is very very good. Damage as transportation in Japan is really rarely happened. But if we send itemm to you same as what we receive from seller, it will arrive to your place damaged for sure. We will re-packing almost of item in professional ways before sending out to prevent your damage.

3. We can combine shipping for your items to save shipping cost.

4. We can give you advice for item price. to help you overbid price for item.

5. We bring your item to your door with Fedex or EMS service and give advice to help you save cost for import tax in your side as much as possible.

6. For audio items, we can do technical check to make sure that you will have item that you image.

What is work flow for service.

1. Contac to us via email, Skype or Facebook. we will response your inquiry man to man.
2. Deposit money in our paypal account.
3. We do buy your item.
4. We calculate total fee and send invocie for remain payment.
5. You make payment.
6. We send your item to you.

What kind of items we will be buying agent.

Not like many others buying agent, we do not accept to be AGENT for all kind of products. We only accept all kind of audio item, even used or new item but another kind of products, you have to ask me for acceptance or not because we are audio device professional, not professional of another kind of product. We are NOT ones who buy item on behalf of you, taking fee and send item to you without any responsibility. We are the AGENT help you reduce the risky of buying audio items over abroad as much as possible.

Unclaimer term:

1 . We will be buying agent to buy item at place you decide so we do not take any responsibility for item quality or seller service, unless you want me do check for item quality before sending to you.

2. If item arrive and damaged as transportation, we will help you get back insurance, max insurance is value you declare on customer form.

3. We will take any responsibility if arriving item is different with item you order phisically, not same kind of item you ordered, but we dont have responsibility if item has scratches, not good looking unless you ask me do technical check for item before sending it to you.

Because of trouble in the past we do not become your buying agent if you come from countries below unless you have deal with me before: Vietnam, China

News of Us

What does our logo mean ? (2017-10-13)
Recently I have told you about the meaning of your name. Today I will tell you about our logo. The word "音" in the center of logo is OTO means the sound. The Miazima symbol is same as word "門" (MON) means the gate. It is nealy same "N" symbol in English. The red circle is same as "O" character, it combine with the red M character to become "MON". So, in the logo we have OTOMON !

By the way, in Japanese, as you put the word "OTO" into the word "MON", it becomes the word "闇", you can spell it "YAMI", mean the dark, same as hell. In the mean time, the red symbol in the center of logo have symbol like a sun, the bright side, the heaven. The word "mon" in Japanese means the gate, and also it means the bondary separates 2 worlds, in this logo it means the border line between the heven and hell and "the sound" is in the heaven side. It is same as symbol leading us thinking about the image of phantom in the Opera, the music in heaven and the dark side without it. That is reason why the background color of our website is black.

The "M" word is also the symbol of mountain, the image of red sun raises up on the top of Fuji moutain is always the best symbol of Japan.

Thank you for reading.

Yours friend with name Ken.
We open ! (2017-10-07)
Thank you for your support and now we can start up my own store. Hope that you will still continue to support us from now on. We have hundreds of items that still in stock and we will list them on store from now.
If you dont see item that you want in store, please contact to me via

email or
skype id: uesugilabo.

If you are my old customer, please let me know, I will give you special price for all items in the day we open.

Thanks and regards.

Why we started with the name OTOMON? (2017-10-06)
In Japanese Oto means Sound and Mon means Gate. Otmon means the Sound Gate and our slogan will be let 's open the Gate of Sound from now on. We will try our best to bring the best sound in your budget to your home.