GREAT NEWS in the days of new year 2018 for customer in Europe and country where use 220V !!!

We can provide special order made TANGO transformer which use for 220V, you dont need to use step down transformer as using my amplifier. Please contact me for more detail !!!

We receive order for make your own amplifier. Please let me know

1. Which tubes do you want to use in your amp ?
2. Which music do you like ?
3. Which kind of tube amp do you want to make (OTL, SE, PP vv.v), do you want to use transformer coupling or condenser coupling.
4. Which part do you want to use in your amplifier.
5. How much is your budget.

We will design and bring amplifier to your home. Please dont feel hesitage to contact to me to

Email: or
Skype: uesugilabo


Ken Uesugi.