You can order input voltage 117V, 220V, 230V, 240V.

I dont open information about schematic, parts, transformer using in my amplifier. My brand name is the guarantee to what I do with my production !!!

For all item on eBay, I will discount 10% or more of listing price, contact for more detail.

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Repair Service

We dont make your items be a quite different ones from original. We just make it do the best performance itself. We do repair or maintenance the kind of product below:
TonearmAlmost vintage tonearm has age over 40-50 years, Due to age, some part of tonearm will be getting worst and cause the quality sound from tonearm will be bad. Some time the inner wire may be cut and tonearm is not able to be used. We will help you maintenance it, some time replace some part with original one or one nearly same wih original one. First of all please let me know the problem you met, we will advice you some solution for it. All advices are free of charge so feel free to ask me as many questions as you can.
Tube amplifiersWe help you maintenance amplifier, tehnical check it as well as give you advice of changing schematic. Power tube and out put transformer will make big different on the out put sound. We can help you change the output power tube, lower noise from your amps as well as many others thing to improve the performance of your amplifier. If you think your amplifier have problem or you still not be satisfy about it, contact to us !
MC, MM cartridgesWe can repair damaged coil, broken stylus, as well as changing cantilever to better ones
Modify or making power supplyPower supply for tube amplifier is very very important part, some amplifier use separate power supply with the main part. If you lost the power supply, or it is not working, contact to me, I will make the new ones or repair it for you.