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You can order input voltage 117V, 220V, 230V, 240V.

I dont open information about schematic, parts, transformer using in my amplifier. My brand name is the guarantee to what I do with my production !!!

For all item on eBay, I will discount 10% or more of listing price, contact for more detail.

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70s Final Audio Research turntable VM-7 matt * RARE

Turntable matt is VM-7 which is made from gun metal and crome alloy which was developed and researched by Final Lab Research, for the best sound ever.
This product is currently sold out.

Only one in the world ! Mario Valentio design turntable with Micro seiki RY-5500 motor

There is only one turntable in the world design by Mario valentino and made in Italy. It come with Micro seiki motor RY-5500, string belt drive.
This product is currently sold out.

70s Final Audio Research VTT-1 Reference Limited turntable with VM-7 matt and motor

Limited Final Audio Lab reference turntable VTT-1, the turntable base is very heavy. There are 3 armbase, you can use 3 tonearm with this turntable. Condition is very very beautiful.
This product is currently sold out.

70s Final Audio Research VTT-1 turntable with VM-7 matt & Micro seiki RY-1500 motor

Only very limited number of this turntable was manufactured on order, the base is very heavy. Arm base can be move flexible so you can use both short and long tonearm with this one.
This product is currently sold out.