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We can provide special order made ISO (TANGO) power transformer which use for 117V, 220V, 230V,240.You dont need to use step down transformer as using my amplifier

From now we can provide amplifier with wooden chassis based on order of customer. Please contact for more detail !!!

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DAC, USB decoder tube amplifier preamp (power amp)

This product is not for sale, if you want the same item, please contact me for special order making

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DAC, USB decoder using 717A/42 tube for ouput, output transformer is Western Electric. Beautiful sound. Rectifier tube is 80 tube.

Using ES9038Q2M decoder for DAC, XC2C64A Amanero USB IIS for USB interface.


PCM44.1k-192k 24bit/DOP DSD64
I2S/DSD:PCM44.1k-384k 32bit/DSD64、DSD128、DSD256

USB sample rate : 44.1Khz 48Khz 88.2Khz 96Khz 176.4Khz 192Khz 352.8Khz 384Khz

Sound is very beautiful, more analog, wide range and musical. There are 3 input Aux(Tape), USB and DAC. You can use it as preamp or power amp with output 1.5W.

Ouput transformer is vintage Western Electric transformer.

USB: compatiple with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, very easily to use.

You can enjoy highend sound from digital source WAV, Mp3, Flat or even youtube.
Click to the image to view it in big size and please read our busines term before making your decision

More detail pictures:

DAC, USB decoder tube amplifier preamp (power amp)

DAC, USB decoder tube amplifier preamp (power amp)

DAC, USB decoder tube amplifier preamp (power amp)

DAC, USB decoder tube amplifier preamp (power amp)

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