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You can order input voltage 117V, 220V, 230V, 240V.

I dont open information about schematic, parts, transformer using in my amplifier. My brand name is the guarantee to what I do with my production !!!

For all item on eBay, I will discount 10% or more of listing price, contact for more detail.

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Audio Cables

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Enacom Line cord line noise cut filter

Connect the Line Cable ENACOM between your amplifier and each audio component and clean up the clutter.
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Ortofon RMG, RMA, RF, tonearm cable 1.2m

Sales price: $ 120(Listing price is for payment via Paypal, discount 2% if payment via bank transfer)
Tonearm cable using for Ortofon tonearm RMG, RF, RMA. It can be not be used for universal tonearm or early version of Ortofon.

Swiss made Suhner cable for line, CD, phono cable 1.2mx2

Very very good Suhner cable, 1.2m length. It was made by Swiss. Suhner cable is used in the one of the best highend machine Mark Levinson.
This product is currently sold out.

SAEC tonearm cable for MC cartridge

SAEC tonearm cable using for MC cartridge.
This product is currently sold out.