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We can provide special order made ISO (TANGO) power transformer which use for 117V, 220V, 230V,240.You dont need to use step down transformer as using my amplifier

From now we can provide amplifier with wooden chassis based on order of customer. Please contact for more detail !!!

Tube amplifiers

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808 SE tube amplifier with all special order made Hirata TANGO transformer

Sales price: $ 5,200(Listing price is for payment via Paypal, discount 2% if payment via bank transfer)
Special order made based on master Shishido schematic. All transformer are special order made from Hirata TANGO. Chassis is stainless steel
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6C33C SE mono block x2 tube amplifier with EL-34 drive tube

6C33C is tube using in Soviet battle tank. It was used in mono block amp
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717A 45/2A3 SE tube amplifier special order made for high sensitive speaker system

2A3/45 tube amplifier with all ISO (TANGO) transformer, drive tube is Western WE396A. Output is 2W (3W with 2A3). Can be changed between 2A3 and 45 tube.
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30s YEAR Western Electric interstage transformer 246-A from WE 49 tube amp

Sales price: $ 2,850(Listing price is for payment via Paypal, discount 2% if payment via bank transfer)
Very very rare interstage tranformer manufactured by Western electric in 30s years. It is used in 49 tube amp.
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71A push pull tube amplifier on MQ-60 chassis

71A push pull tube amplifier with Luxman OPT, building on Luxman MQ-60 chassis
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717A-71A/10Y/VT-25/45/2A3 tube amplifier with wooden board

71A tube preamplifier with drive tube is Western 717A. Can be changed to VT-25, VT-52, 45, 50, VT-62 tube. Can be used as preamp.
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THE Zeus 833A tube amplifier monoblock x 2 * 211 drive * 60W

This is upgrade version after 2 year I built 833 prototype. I made for my system and it is not for sale. Due to lack of heater transformer,it can not be ordered to made the same one now.

50/VT62/10Y tube SE stereo amplifier pure class A1, direct AC heat filament

Special order made 50' tube amplifier. Driver tube is 5687, prestage is EF86, rectifier tube is 5R4GW. Heater is AC to make sound more analog and beautiful.
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Wetrex RA-1474 type preamp with phono stage, UTC HA-113 output transformer

Sales price: $ 1,700(Listing price is for payment via Paypal, discount 2% if payment via bank transfer)
Special phono stage preamplifier based on Westrex RA-1474 type, phono stage using We396A tube.
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45 SE tube amplifier/preamp/buffer amp driving tube 717A

45 tube amplifier with drive tube is 717A. Output is 3W. Customer can make choice for transformer set inside the amp.

[ORDER MADE] STC 4212 drive by 211 tube amplifier mono block x 2 * No tube included !!!

The power monster 4212 tube amplifier, drive tube is 211, input tube is EF86, SRPP. All transformer are special order made, orient cut core.
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2A3/45 PSE tube amplifier with special order made X series

This amp was made based on the schematic that Master Kondo of Audio Note Japan introduced in 1992/5, name of this model is NEIRO. All transformer are ordered made by ISO(TANGO) based on X series.
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71A SE tube amplifier with phono stage 396A * work as preamp or power amp 1W

71A tube amplifier with all America transformer. Interstage transformer, output transformer are Western Electric. Power, choke transformer are UTC. Input volt is 117/220V
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EL-84 SE tube amplifier amp with tone control 5W output

EL-84 SE tube amplifier with tone control.
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45 SE tube amplifier amp for mania with Walnut wooden case 717A and RCA field coil speaker

45 tube amplifier with walnut wooden frame, drive tube is 717A. Output is 2W. Deluxe Walnut wooden case with 40s year Western Electric wire. Can be used as preamp.

Luxman MB-300 tube amplifier

Sales price: $ 8,350(Listing price is for payment via Paypal, discount 2% if payment via bank transfer)
One of the best seller product of Luxman using 300B tube, output 8W, perfect working condition. Amplifier come with original manuals, Western electric 300B tube.
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