We can provide power transformer which use for 117V, 220V, 230V, 240V.

I dont open information about schematic, parts, transformer using in my amplifier. My brand name is the guarantee to what I do with my production !!!

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Services we do

We provide the following main service as bellow:
Rare VintageWe are dealing any thing related to audio vintage items. Audio Vintage items are always hard to be found and gotten. We do not promise that we have any item you want but most of our items is really hard to be found, and valuable ones. I mean not only the audio item value, but also the collection value of items.
Order MadeTube amplifiers is miracle that once we use it, we will never stop it. Especially as it combine with vinyl player. Tube amplifier 's sound is belong to many factor. Sound from different tube is not same. The combination of different tube make the sound stage and sound quanlity diffrent. If you want to enjoy Jazz music, your amplifier will be different with ones who love pop music or classical musc. You want an amplifier with your favourite sound, combination of your favourite tube. Let me know, we will design it as well as give you advice for your items.
RepairWe provide service to repair audio tube amplifiers, turntable tonearms, turntabe cartridges. We dont promise that we can repair all items but 99% of items from my customers was repaired and got good feedback from their owners.
Seek & GetIf you want a item but can not see in my store, dont be worry, give me a name, I have many resourse to get it. I also list your requiry on our homepage to let many other customers know about your need. If we get your item or any other customers have your item, I will contact to you. If you have item to sell, let me know too. We will list it in our site.