We can provide special order made ISO (TANGO) power transformer which use for 117V, 220V, 230V,240.You dont need to use step down transformer as using my amplifier

From now we can provide amplifier with wooden chassis based on order of customer. Please contact for more detail !!!

Seek and Get

What is seek and get ?

Seek and Get is service of us help you get item you want as well as help you sell your item you dont need. Some time when you can not find your item in our store, dont be disappointed, please let me know which item do you want and how much is your budget. I will find item for you and let you know as I have any information about it. Your requirements are also listed in this page to let another customer know about it if you want. To list item in this page you need to become a member of our system and have at least 1 deal with us.

Seek and Get also help you sell your item quickly at high price. If you have item and want to sell it. Please let me know we will get it at high price. We wlll get any item, never claim any thing. Just send me some pictures and I will return with our price.

The different between our system and another online selling and buying system is that we guarantee 100% about item quality for every item dealing via our page.

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