We can provide power transformer which use for 117V, 220V, 230V, 240V.

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About this site

Store name OTOMON Laboratory (音門ラボ)
Company name OTOMON (音門)
Location 2520318
Kanagawa-ken, Sagamihara-shi, Minami-ku2-38-26
Phone number 042-702-9525
Fax number 042-702-9525
E-mail address vintage_audio@otomon.net
Available products Vintage audio product, tube amplifier, audio part for tube audio amplifier, audio transformer, turntable/record player for highend system, turntable/record player part, repair audio item, special order made on customer demand.

Message What OTOMON mean ?

OTO in Japanese means The Sound, and MON mean The Gate. OTOMON = SOUND GATE. Let me the one who help you open the gate of sound is meaning of my Laboratory name. You can read another article in my site to know about what our logo means.

Who am I ?

Here is my message that I left in FB page 2 weeks before opening this store.↓

Im in eBay for 10 years with 3200 feedback and thousands of customers but I always dream that one day I will build an online shop of my own. eBay store is very busy and I can not take time to build up any thing so today I decide to close eBay store temporary and focus to my dream. I know that is crazy but if I dont do that Im still only an eBayer all time of my life. You will never be able to start up any thing without close something. I will come back soon with my online shop and hope that all of you will support me again.


Ken Uesugi.