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We can provide power transformer which use for 117V, 220V, 230V, 240V.

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60s year Western Electric 282A line, step up transformer step up ratio 1:20

Western Electric

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Very very rare input, step up transformer manufactured by Western Electric in 50s years. Perfect and killer sound.

Primary is 600ohm and step up ratio is 1:20, you can use this as MC step up transformer for almost cartridge. Sound is really a killer, thick and very sweetly.
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King and Queen * 300B drive 845 PP amplifier with X-5P, NC-20F, output class A 50W, class AB 100W

The Tesseract" 50 SE tube amplifier VT-62 drive 50 tube

Final Art Model 808 MkII stereo tube amplifier Shishido IITC special order transformer

10Y/VT-25/VT-62/801 stereo tube amplifier on wooden board