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Audio Technica AT-1010 tonearm with original headshell and cable

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Turntable Tonearms » 12 inches tonearms
The AT-1010 is a DTS (Dynamic Tracing System) tonearm that blends an original design with new materials.It is working very good condition. It comes with original headshell and cable.


Development efforts were aimed at improving the overall tracing performance of the dynamic system with a cartridge mounted.

This results in improvement in auditory sensitivity and elimination of resonance.

One of the most obvious features of the AT-1010 is to stabilise stylus force in dynamic variations, an inherent problem with conventional, general arms, caused by the change in velocity of the modulated record groove.

For this purpose, the front pipe is set at a far higher location than the pivot bearing.

Also, the arm is equipped with a damping mechanism to damp low frequency resonance.

As a result, this tonearm gives a tracing performance that is in no way inferior to an integrated arm.

Effective length: 240mm

Overhang: 15mm

Mounting distance: 225mm

Effective mass: 16g


The AT1010 exhibits a refined geometry, whereby the vertical motion pivot axis is in line with the stylus tip, thereby minimising the effect of varying stylus drag upon instantaneous downforce - £160 HiFi Choice 1983
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 Audio Technica AT-1010 tonearm with original headshell and cable

 Audio Technica AT-1010 tonearm with original headshell and cable

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