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Legend 70s year Lo-D (Hitachi) L-200 20cm(8 inches) woofer x 2 Alnico magnet

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This is the top class woofer manufactured by Hitachi, brand name Lo-D, model L-200. It is 20cm cone woofer, voice coil is up to 10cm, big alnico magnet was used.

This was manufactured in 70s year and considered as the best 20cm woofer in the golden age of audio in Japan.

One unit weight is up to 3.5kg


In L-200, in order to reduce non-linear distortion, the structure and material of the cone vibration part are devised to propose the distortion caused by the split vibration. Moreover, the element which causes the non-linear distortion such as a magnetic circuit, an edge, and a damper is eliminated.
In addition, the piston vibration area has been expanded.

The voice coil of 10cm diameter is adopted as a voice coil. This shortens the apex angle of the cone paper to increase the strength of the cone and expand the piston motion area. Furthermore, the split vibration of a cone which causes distortion is eliminated by shortening the generatrix length of a cone.

The gathered edge is adopted as an edge part.
This edge is made up of gathers with 480 faces and acts like an accordion bellows. In addition, synthetic fibers that have undergone special treatment are used as the material. Thereby, the compliance is increased while suppressing the high-order resonance of an edge, and the linearity of vibration is also improved.

We have repeatedly developed and adopted corn paper with a high Young's modulus and low density.

The damper part uses a newly developed material that has been sufficiently aged and molded to support the effective mass of the vibration system, and suppresses changes over time.

Outer diameter 22.85 cm
Opening diameter 17.8 cm
18.6cm (listed in a separate catalog)
Baffle hole 19.25 cm (dropped from the front)
Voice coil diameter 9.7cm
Rated input 20W (70Hz or more continuous)
Output sound pressure level 88dB / W / m
Voice coil impedance 8Ω
Playback frequency band 30Hz-3.0kHz
fo-3.5kHz (listed in another catalog)
fo 26Hz (without baffle)
Crossover frequency 3kHz or less
Total magnetic flux 370,000 maxwell
Magnetic flux density 6,430 gauss
Depth 11.2 cm
Weight 3.45kg
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More detail pictures:

Legend 70s year Lo-D (Hitachi) L-200 20cm(8 inches) woofer x 2 Alnico magnet

Legend 70s year Lo-D (Hitachi) L-200 20cm(8 inches) woofer x 2 Alnico magnet

Legend 70s year Lo-D (Hitachi) L-200 20cm(8 inches) woofer x 2 Alnico magnet

Legend 70s year Lo-D (Hitachi) L-200 20cm(8 inches) woofer x 2 Alnico magnet

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