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We can provide power transformer which use for 117V, 220V, 230V, 240V.

I dont open information about schematic, parts, transformer using in my amplifier. My brand name is the guarantee to what I do with my production !!!

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GoldBug Mr Brief cartridge for professional with original headshell

THIS ITEM WAS SOLD OUT. If you want the same one, you can order me to get the same one.

Gold Bug

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This was hand made one by one, headshell and the body was made from highly polished brier root, long famed as the king among pipe materials. Only very few cartridges was made by order.

The hard but light, beautiful, living wood gives vivid acoustic color: brief is an ideal cartridge material which, we can say, satisfies exactly and fully the demands of the most fastidious listener.

This was made by the audiophile master , Ms Yokono, only very few pieces was made by hand. This is only one cartridge in the world that was made by a lady. Perfect matching with Jazz vocal.
Click to the image to view it in big size and please read our busines term before making your decision

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