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We can provide special order made ISO (TANGO) power transformer which use for 117V, 220V, 230V,240.You dont need to use step down transformer as using my amplifier

From now we can provide amplifier with wooden chassis based on order of customer. Please contact for more detail !!!

45' SE stereo tube amplifier on wooden board

This product is not for sale, if you want the same item, please contact me for special order making

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45 SE stereo on wooden board

This is special order made with 1 inputs and 2 output . Perfect amplifier with power tube 45 and drive tube 717A. It is really imazing sound procedure by an amplifier with 3W output. Rich and sweet sound , plenty of musical and beautiful sound.

Response frequency: 16Hz-35K Hz(-1db)
Output : Max 3W (Input 1Vrms)
Total harmonic distortion: 1% 1W
HUm level 0.2mV
Input volt : 100V, 117V, 220V, 230V, 240V

All tubes are not included.

Auto bias, you dont need to care any thing every time changing tube.

Rectifier tube is 5AR4 or GZ34, 5R4GW.
Click to the image to view it in big size and please read our busines term before making your decision

More detail pictures:

45' SE stereo tube amplifier on wooden board

45' SE stereo tube amplifier on wooden board

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